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The OG Weasel Ermine Slap Bracelet

The OG Weasel Ermine Slap Bracelet

Yes, indeed, this IS the original ermine slap bracket first created for Queen Cleasel then shared on Facebook in various threads. This hilarious and adorable accessory is more than just wearable art, it’s also a best friend! Tell it your secrets, tell it your dreams, tell it your fears. This ethically sourced critter is there for you, ready to stare up at you with those big eyes.

Croccoons as seen on snake oil!


Typically, we have this item in stock and can ship relatively quickly, however:

All of our products are ethically sourced, and therefore, not necessarily available on demand. Most of the animals I use in my art are still roaming the earth freely when you place your order. They come to me after meeting their maker either naturally, being hit by a car, or due to humane euthanasia from age or medical reasons. None are trapped, farmed, or hunted. When you place your order, I begin by locating the perfect animal for you! 

I do my absolute best to satisfy orders in a timely fashion, but as a one-woman operation with health issues, things take time. It will be worth the wait when you hold your new friend and feel thier soft fur and gaze upon their adorable faces. Your patience is appreciated. If you have a time constraint please message me before ordering.

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