what in the hell is happening

huggable taxidermy, macabre décor, and other whimsical art

welcome to my fever dream




Spiritually raised in Wyoming where her family is from, this California girl developed an odd aesthetic combining the rustic country and eclectic city life. A combination of nature and industry makes her art truly unique.

Ambienoise was born at the intersection of whimsy, awkward aesthetic, nature, and comedy.


"I love my dead raccoon booze coozie"

Jenny Lawson


Check in with us soon! Updates to come!

We will have an event schedule and

videos ready to be absorbed by your

brain meat electricity. 

We will be covering a myriad of

subjects, styles, challenges, and more.

IDK man I'm just trying to

think of stuff to write in this space.....

Anyway, we will broadcast our first live show soon and follow up with some tutorials, DIY, cosplay, art, videogame streams, challenges, and anything else we might think of to do.

Again IDK

Feel free to send us questions, comments, suggestions!

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